2Grow is not limited to being a hardware provider.
We have seen that there is still great demand for training and help in the interpretation of the measurements.

To make a most optimal use of our products and measurements we offer a complete service package around the rental of our hardware.
We encourage to work shoulder to shoulder with the customer, and are always available to help in the everyday usage of our products.
As such, we are always present to offer targeted consultancy  depending on the needs and challenges of the customer.

Weekly follow-up

Every week we will observe the data of the past period and offer targeted feedback.

For example, should we see some shrinkage or other issues in the measurements we will point out the influences in the measurements and offer possibilities on how to help/stress the plant more to reach the desired result.

Targeted data analysis

Every 2/3 months we offer a more in depth analysis where we look at the past dataset of the season and analyze the plant status.
Depending on your needs and challenges we offer a tailored discussion how we can further optimize the strategy and trend of the plants.

This analysis can be further complemented with additional data from other sources such as climate, soil, plant physiology, production and other available parameters that could explain a certain behavior in the crop.

At the end of the presentation we can discuss which insights we have gained and how we could further improve the strategy to facilitate towards your needs.

Live customer support

Through our live WhatsApp groups we offer a support service for all our clients.
Here we are always available to answer questions and offer feedback.

We are always here to assist, support en help you where we can.
As such, do not hesitate to contact us whenever and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Do you have additional questions or would you like more information?
Please do not hesitate to contact us, our staff will answer you within 24h.