Our sap flow and stem diameter sensors measure the smallest variations in the plant, which are presented in readable graphs.

Tailored advice

Even after sales, constant service can be expected.
Our team regularly reviews the data, and is always available to provide targeted advice to the grower.
Our intention is that we can assist you in your cultivation, and with the acquired knowledge from analysis and feedback we are able improve our services.

Cloud service

All data is sent in real time to our Phytosense service, where several calculations are performed in addition to storage.
You can view this comprehensible data on all your devices through our extensive desktop and web applications.

Software and cloudservice

Consult your measurements on all your devices with our extensive desktop and web applications
In addition to data storage and processing, the Phytosense cloud services performs a few specific tasks:

Maintenance contracts

Account setup en configuratie
Ongelimiteerde dataopslag, verwerking en backup
Gebruik van de PhytoSense software
Opvolging van de metingen
On-site sensor (her)installatie
Sensor onderhoud en hercalibratie


Do you have additional questions or would you like more information?
Please do not hesitate to contact us, our staff will answer you within 24h.