Discovering how the plant really responds to all influences and following this real-time, opens up great potential for growth efficiency. We measure all external influences surrounding the plant, but we have no idea how the plant really reacts to it.
We want to change this with our products.
If we can spread these insights across the industry and combine them with artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can have a positive impact on world level, placing 2Grow one step closer to the ultimate goal.
2Grow aims to reduce the 20% surface area spent on plant production.

Our products:

PhytoStem units

De PhytoStem sensors consist of a sapflow and stem diameter sensor

The sensors measure the reaction to changes in the climate or manipulations.
Installed throughout the growing season.
Suitable for herbaceous (tomato, cucumber, pepper, ...) or woody (grape vine, ...) plants.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

PhytoClip units

Recently we have released our temperature corrected PhytoClip sensors!

With our new leaf thickness sensor and micro stem diameter sensor we can map the plant from the start.
Suitable for leaves between 0-2mm and stems between 2-6mm.
Use: both indoors and outdoors

Some of our customers

In greenhouse horticulture, we want to make more and more decisions based on data. 2Grow’s sensor focuses on the direct behaviour of the plant, enabling us to make even more accurate cultivation decisions. 2grow not only supplies the sensor, but is also an active partner in extracting as much information as possible from the sensors. This leads to new knowledge development

Lisanne Schuddebeurs, Delphy

Phytosense allows me to better understand the reaction of my plants in their environment in order to optimize production parameters. Indeed, there are sometimes differences between what we think of the plant, its reactions to its climatic environment, and what the plant shows us directly thanks to the sensors. For example, I visualize in real time the shrink of the stem diameter at the beginning of the day, which allows me to determine the best time to irrigate and thus optimize my irrigation.

Thierry Bizien, Scea Ty Glas

Especially in the lighted period and spring we worked a lot with the 2Grow system. You can react much faster to certain imbalances with the sensors, the course of the stem diameter is an omen of generativity. Normally you only see this in the head after 3 days. The sapflow is a confirmation if you have the right settings for heating and irrigation

Réné Van Der Lans, Lans Tomaten

Where we normally wouldn’t have any lights on, I chose to turn on the lights early on those few warm light days to make the plants active before it became light/warm. Because of the measurements we could clearly see that we created a lot of activity through those few hours of lighting.

Alex Stolze, Kwekerij T. Varekamp

During the heat of the extreme summer, the sensors helped to play with the screens during the day, without any production costs. As a result, we hardly had any loss of production.

Derek Bot, Royal Pride

The most important gain for me is the start and stop times of the irrigation, i was shocked to see how quickly the evaporation at the end of the day decreases towards autumn. By adjusting the irrigation based on the true needs in time you ensure a strong root quality.

David De Storme, 4Evergreen

Over > 200 plants are being measured right now!


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